This Elegant design as shown here is now Available for rent in the USA only.

The wooden base 4' L x 3' W x 10" H The 4 top poles should be inserted to the 4 bottom poles for a full fit and the 4 poles inserted to the base. The wooden frame front and back secured to the poles. The two other sections of the frame should be screwed in using supplied wing nuts. Full height of Poruwa is 8 feet.

NOTE: To assemble this poruwa the height between floor and ceiling should be at least 10 feet.

The cloth cover should be draped around the top frame using the fixed brass eyelets to the fixed screws on the frame. The knobs provided will secure the cloth cover at the top and back and part of the sides of the Poruwa.

The four sheaths of imported artificial "Pol Mal" will be supplied The other artificial flowers shown will not be supplied unless if requested. Your florist will use fresh flowers as desired and use the brass knobs provided to keep the decorations in place. Two adults could assemble this in less than 30 minutes. Vases shown will not be provided.

The rent is $ 150.00 + shipping at cost. (Delivery could be arranged in the bay area) 

Bookings should be done at least 3 months prior to the wedding. The structure will be mailed to reach you at least 5 days prior to the wedding. It should be returned in good condition within 5 days after the wedding. A deposit will be requested. This is a service provided by WedInSriLanka for residents of USA only.


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Simple & Elegant Poruwa.
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