Poruwa-පෝරුව සිරිත-Traditional Wedding In Sri Lanka
Destination Weddings in Sri Lanka for foreigners around the world
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The traditional Poruwa Ceremony is the most popular among Foreign Destination Wedding Seekers. The Hotels, Resorts and Villas along the Western and Eastern sea beach and the beautiful Hill Country, Hotels and Resorts are the most suitable venues for weddings, honeymoon and related travel and airport travel, accommodation in this Resplendent Island.

Foreign wedding seekers could be just the couple, landing on our shores for a memorable wedding or they may invite their foreign and Sri Lankan guests and have a gala time. We not only plan their wedding and accommodation but also arrange their airport travel as well as individual and group travel plans around the country either before or after the wedding but make sure that all the guests are on time for the wedding party. 
We take care of the marriage Registration, English Translations and authentication of certificates. You can count on us for the extra entertainment we provide with Elephant Rides, Kandyan Dancing, Cultural Shows and Fireworks Displays, invitation cards, to name a few. 
We are premier wedding planners for Sri Lankans abroad and at home and foreigners around the world who wish to have their weddings performed in Sri Lanka. We arrange weddings to your taste whether on line or in person. 

The Poruwa Ceremony is the most sort after ceremony by most Sri Lankans and Foreigners. The Traditional Poruwa is a cultural ceremony coming down from ancient times. 

We employ well known Professionals in Sri Lanka for Dressing and Make Up, Dress Making, Photography, Music and Dance, Bands and DJ's, Most sort out Hotels and Banquet Halls, Resorts and Beach resorts, Canopies and platforms, Poruwa and Masters of Ceremonies, Kandyn Dance troops, Elephants to escort you or ride on. Mandap for Tamil Hindu weddings with fire walking and traditional Hindu Music and band and Church weddings. Wedding planning in beach resorts, villa weddings, in sea beach and cultural shows.
Contact us now: We will guide you through to a perfectly planned personalized wedding to remember.

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