Poruwa-පෝරුව සිරිත-Traditional Wedding In Sri Lanka
​Details + Basic items to consider
 Before a couple plans a wedding, it is best for them to contact us for a preliminary discussion of their requirements. We plan weddings according to the dreams of the bride! Well the Groom too!! We methodically arrange a personalized brochure and also schedule the events. The Basic items listed below have to be considered first and additions and extras could follow.
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 Select a date and time for the wedding.
 Select a location: Hotel, Villa, Resort – Beach, Garden, Outdoor or Hotel Ball Room
 Decide on the number of guests
 Type of Menu and service
 Type of wedding: The Traditional Poruwa/Mandap Structure, Church, Kovil etc.
 Reception details
 Table arrangements and number of tables and floor plan
 Photography & Videography
 Dressing and make up for Bride, brides maids etc.
 The traditional Pahana
 Jayamangala singers
 Master of ceremonies who are familiar with the performance of a Poruwa Ceremony
 Florists and flower arrangements and bouquets
 Music, DJ’s, preferred songs, music and arrangements & and dance music
 Kandyan Dances and Drummers.


 Hors d’oeuvres
 Action Stations for specialty foods
 BBQ items
 Equipment for outdoor garden receptions
 Specialty lights
 Elephant rides
 Kandyan Dances
 Vintage Cars for Honeymoon
 And much more

Contact us now: We will guide you through to a perfectly planned personalized wedding to remember.

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