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The Christians and Hindus of Sri Lankan origin living abroad are also invited to contact us before they plan their wedding. Our unique experience in handling and coordinating weddings by using the social media and being on hand to personalize your plans to your specific needs via email, telephone or skype in a boon for all wedding seekers around the world. Our virtual arrangements are unique. Yes we can arrange a Church ceremony and a reception at the hotel ball room or a kovil ceremony at the Kovil and reception at the Hotel or the Hindu Mondap Ceremony and reception both at the hotel. Wedding planning at its best. 

Most Sri Lankans living abroad will come home to celebrate a traditional wedding in Sri Lanka. The Poruwa ceremony is the traditional ceremony they will seek. Having lived abroad, you may want to know more about our Traditional Poruwa experiences and we will direct you how by way of video clips. Poruwa is also a favorite for the Foreigners who visit Sri Lanka to have their weddings celebrated. An edited or non-edited Video to carry with you. 

Accommodation for your guests and travel plans in the country, all arranged under one roof. No running around, no unnecessary expenses and multiple visits to Sri Lanka. Just be there 10 days prior to the wedding for a gala reception and an elegant wedding. We can even arrange a travel plan to take your relatives and friends around the country and re-kindle the relationships. We are pioneers in wedding planning.
We offer you the best of Photo & videography with Ariel, shoots, using drones, satellite online broadcasts of the wedding while it takes place. Best of flower arrangements, table and poruwa décor, Bridal Dressing, dress making and make up and much more.  
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 We will guide you through to a personalized and well planned wedding to remember.
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