Poruwa-පෝරුව සිරිත-Traditional Wedding In Sri Lanka
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Typical Sri Lankan Poruwa Wedding
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Poruwa Designs
Poruwa is available from simple to elaborate and decorations and flower arrangements can vary according to each individual’s requirements. Most foreign travelers request very simple designs mostly erected in the sea front. For mixed marriages, a church ceremony could be followed by a Poruwa ceremony, a ring ceremony and reception. We have a few pictures for illustration on this website but when we start planning we will be happy to send you pictures or receive pictures from you in order to get the best fit for your tastes. We believe that personalization ultimately satisfies the bride and groom in executing their plans.
Floor Plans Table Arrangements designed for you as you please. 
Chicken menus to satisfy your taste buds
Relax after wedding
One of our early foreign couples at the fountain at Mount Lavinia Hotel. 
Taming the Elephant
Favorite Clams.
Your choice of desert, simply delicious 
​Order your own favorite dish & enjoy
Yes for foreign couples, we do a simple short form, on a beautifully decorated, simple Poruwa design and efficiently managed. We will get the Marriage Registrar to the premises and also get them the needed marriage certificates and English copies done. The ring ceremony and elegant receptions in a location chosen by the couple will be our goal.

The Hindu Mandap too comes in various types and the fire for the ceremony will all be arranged as they wish.
Simply contact us for details.

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For Foreign Couples
Simple Registration 
Foreigners like it simple  
Sun rise and sun set that everyone enjoys 
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Tasty Desert 
Elephant rides are possible only on tamed elephants. 
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