Poruwa-පෝරුව සිරිත-Traditional Wedding In Sri Lanka
Sunset Dining
You can arrange to enjoy your dinner at sunset in an area near the beach and enjoy a full service while you relax 
Outdoor Bar 
Dining on a Sand Table
Just a sample of possibilities in Sri Lanka for your wedding  Celebration or Honeymoon
You can order your favorite drink at the outdoor Bar or get it served while you relax in the sand 
A table dug out specially for you? Dinner and drinks served under the cool breeze? Imagine that for a moment?  
Kandyan Dances
You may encounter them at a Hotel or may be hire them for your wedding for a performance? 
Fish Cutlets 
Pittu is made of rice flour and scraped coconut and steamed on a bamboo on top of a steam pot. You should try it.  
Fish or beef cutlets rolled into bite size balls- goes well with your dink. 
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Bridal Design and dress
Fashion Beauticians & Make up
Floral Arrangements, Poruwa, Church Décor, Bridal Bouquets, Flower Baskets, Car Décor, Homecoming Décor 
Cards/Printing Envelopes, Hymn Sheets/Stationary
Cars, Bridal cars/passenger vans/busses 
Photography / Videography 
Cakes & Structures
Bands & DJ's/Singers/Orchestras 
Selection of Poruwa and Ceremony 
Selection of Artists 
Selection of Hotels, Villas, Resorts 
Hindu Kovils locations or Hotel Ceremony
Muslim Wedding Locations
Select Church & denomination 
Book Honeymoon Resorts & Hotels 
Marriage Certification
Specials for extra elegance.

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Relax on the Balcony
On a nice cool day relaxing in the balcony with view of a beautiful garden or the beach, may be what you prefer. 
Dining in the shade
Roof thatched with coconut leaves gives you the shade in an outdoor setting. 
Shady outdoor lunch
For the tropical climate, Sri Lanka offers shady spots to enjoy your lunch
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